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About Us - RetroFoam of Oregon

RetroFoam of Oregon

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About Us

About RetroFoam™ of Oregon

Insulation Portland OregonRetroFoam of Oregon is a locally owned business based in Wilsonville, Oregon. The business is owned and operated by Paul “Clancy” Gould.
Mr. Gould has a long history in the construction industry having worked as a construction manager for several years before forming his own construction business, Blue Lake Construction. Mr. Gould has managed and built numerous projects in the local area including new home construction, and residential and commercial remodels among others.

Several years ago, Mr. Gould began remodeling his home. It had T-111 siding that was in poor condition and older aluminum windows that needed replaced as well. Anxious to save money on his utility bill – which was averaging $430 per month in the winter months, Mr. Gould replaced all of the doors and windows, and then sided the entire home with lap siding. These measures helped, but the home was still drafty and uncomfortable; you could feel air moving inside the home when the wind blew and the utility bills were still very high, averaging $325 per month in the winter.

During the residing project, a section of siding had to be removed because it was rotten. Mr. Gould noticed that nearly all of the original fiberglass insulation that had been installed in the walls had deteriorated and fallen to the bottom of the stud bays, leaving virtually no insulation in the walls.
Mr. Gould started looking for a way to insulate the walls in his home. He called several insulation companies, all of whom wanted to drill holes in the interior of the house and fill the walls with cellulose insulation. Not happy with the solutions he found, Mr. Gould kept looking.
In 2012, he found RetroFoam. “After several months of research, I knew I had found what I was looking for” In fact, Mr. Gould liked the RetroFoam solution so much, he started RetroFoam of Oregon.

“I was amazed at how my home felt after installing RetroFoam in my walls. Not only were the drafts finally gone, my home stayed much warmer and was more comfortable. Best of all, my heat doesn’t come on and off all the time and my electric bill now averages $130 per month! I was so excited about RetroFoam and what it did for me that it just made sense to provide it to other homeowners in Oregon. “


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