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Benefits of RetroFoam Oregon

Benefits of RetroFoam Insulation

Benefits / Features

  • RetroFoam™ maintains a high R-value over time.
  • Helps to stop drafts that come through electrical outlets and cracks surrounding windows
  • Aids in stabilizing interior wall temperature, making you feel more comfortable
  • Makes the home quieter …41 dB on average.
  • RetroFoam™ is a nonflammable (class 1 fire rating) foam derived from organic materials that naturally occur in our environment.
  • Environmentally Safe and OSHA Compliant
  • RetroFoam’s high R-value and ability to find and fill empty voids means better insulation and savings on utility bills.
  • Typically installation is completed within a day. Since it can be installed from the outside it is unintrusive… No tearing out wall, or moving furniture and no interior cleanup.

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