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Create a Quiet Stay: The Benefits of Sound Deadening for Hotels

Sound Deadening Hotel Walls with RetroFoam

Sound Deadening Hotel Walls with RetroFoam

Most of us have heard the saying, “If these walls could talk.”  Unfortunately, when staying in a hotel, guests often discover that their room walls do talk. When guests hear their neighbors’ conversations through common walls, all of the efforts to provide pristine service and comfortable accommodations are disadvantageous. On the other hand, guests who experience the comforts of privacy will more than likely become a returning guest.sound deadening hotel

RetroFoam of Oregon can help make that happen.

RetroFoam reduces noise pollution 40 – 50 db on average; that’s a 75% reduction of unwanted chaos and chatter passing through your hotel walls!

The Importance of Sound Deadening

Hotel guests are both leaving and checking hotel reviews on the web.  With the rising influence of guests reviews, it has become extremely important to give their guests a pleasurable stay.  When reviewing hotels, guests often consider cleanliness, amenities, location, staff & service, etc.  However, lately, a quiet room has become one of the top deciding factors that guests look out for.

According to a recent guest satisfaction survey by J. D. Power & Associates, noise is the top complaint from guests when they are reviewing their travel accommodations.

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Oftentimes, hotels do not realize the importance of sound deadening between rooms, hallways and floors during the construction process. Once the beautiful hotel is finished and the noise complaints start coming in it is frustrating and very difficult, not to mention expensive to correct the problems.  All hope seems lost.  However, we have the solution for you and your guests!

Enter RetroFoam!  

RetroFoam: The Sound Solution

Whether you’re battling “talking” walls, annoyingly loud plumbing, or a combination of the two, RetroFoam of Oregon is here to help!   

If you are ready to start experiencing the sound deadening benefits of RetroFoam insulation, request a FREE estimate on our website or call us today!

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