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RetroFoam Insulation FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

RetroFoam™ FAQ’s

I don’t think I have any wall insulation… How do I find out?

How frequently spaced are the injection holes?

How does the RetroFoam™ licensed installer know when a wall cavity is completely full of foam?

RetroFoam contains water when it is first installed. Where does it go? Will it damage the walls?

Is it safe to fill the cavity of a brick veneer home… I thought there needed to be a ventilation space between the brick and wood framework?

Will installation disrupt my home?

Will RetroFoam cause a fire hazard in the walls?

Does RetroFoam corrode the plastic coating on the electrical wires inside the walls?

Will RetroFoam cause dampness?

Will RetroFoam shrink and deteriorate with age, thereby losing its insulation properties?

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