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RetroFoam™ Financing: How can you finance it?

No Interest or Payments for 12 Months!

RetroFoam of Oregon now accepts Financing through EnterBank USA

RetroFoam of Oregon is now offering a financing program where you can enjoy the benefits of RetroFoam Wall Insulation NOW, and pay for it later! Start saving TODAY by requesting a Free Estimate and ask for details about our special financing program.


RetroFoam of Oregon is now approved to offer the Savings Within Reach Program* through Energy Trust of Oregon!

Why this may be very good news for you:

  • Increased incentive amount: $.50 per square foot for wall insulation
  • Low interest loans: Covers 100% of installation costs! No loan fees. No Application fees. **
  • Payments are made right on your utility bill
  • Depending on your home, RetroFoam can save you up to 50% on your utility bill
  • Average monthly payment amount is only $35.51!

In the example below, let’s assume you are paying $200 per month to heat and cool your home and that RetroFoam will save you only 30% of that cost.

  • Monthly Heating/cooling cost: $200
  • Savings from Retrofoam: $60 (30%)
  • On-Bill payment: $35.51
  • Net Savings each month: $24.49

That’s $293.88 per year you are making by installing RetroFoam today !

The question isn’t should you RetroFoam your home today… The question is, why wouldn’t you?

* Must meet ‘moderate’ income requirements. Some conditions apply.
** Must be approved, certain restrictions and conditions apply

For more Information please contact your RetroFoam of Oregon representative today or see www.energytrust.org/income-qualified-assistance/savingswithinreach/