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Clancy and his team were incredible. I was creating a new studio space for recording and needed to treat the room. I’m in love with the Indow Windows they installed and with the acoustic grade insulation they sprayed into the walls, I have peace of mind while working (even when the neighbor fires up their lawnmower!). We were so impressed that we extended the job to insulate the entire house. It’s staying cool and quiet during the summer. Thanks RetroFoam! We think you’re all fantastic!

Nikki Lu Lowe

I’m giving RetroFoam a five star review based on a conversation I had with Rene about my soundproofing needs. He was so honest in telling me that his product wouldn’t help me with my problem and then took the time to educate me on “soundproof” windows. That rarely happens these days. Most people will use any opportunity to make money so it’s refreshing and worthy of a five star review to find a company that doesn’t do that. If you are in need of insulation I would absolutely give them a call and see if they can help you. Trust me, they will tell you if they can’t.

Lise Jakobsen